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Broadband and telephone connections

This page is about "landline" connections (where "telephone" wires carry both voice and Internet traffic), not connections via a mobile phone signal. Though a few people still use "dial-up" Internet connections, most use ADSL broadband or Superfast broadband.

The local scene

Most Nomaz customers are on 0150989xxxx telephone numbers. These are served from BT's Woodhouse Eaves telephone exchange which (unlike many larger exchanges) houses only BT equipment. That equipment, together with the street cabinets, telephone wires, and the"master socket" in your house or business are maintained by BT's "Openreach" division. Openreach are required to operate impartially, giving no higher priority to BT's retail customers than to those of other phone or Internet service vendors.

Who to talk to

If you have a problem or want to place an order there is no point in trying to contact Openreach. You need to contact a "retail" organisation - normally your ISP. This could be BT's retail division but there are many options - see the list on www.ispreview.co.uk/⤻.

Many people take both both services from the same vendor but you may perhaps pay one organisation for your telephone line and phone service but another touse the Internet. In that case problems such as noisy lines or no dial tone must be referred to whoever you pay for the line.