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Nomaz? What do you do?

"Applying technology appropriately" is an attempt to sum up my aims, whether it be in mending computers, maintaining language translation equipment or designing a wasp killer. My desire is to find solutions to technical problems which are useful but not "over the top."

I tackle most issues to do with "IBM PC compatible" computers, including networking, trouble shooting, upgrading systems or just offering advice. Older and novice clients are welcome.

I was at one time Operations Manager for a village broadband club, formed to get Broadband when it seemed a distant prospect. We shared broadband connections wirelessly around the village. That club served its purpose and closed, but I am now in a group seeking to get "high speed broadband" as we are now being left behind in the broadband slow lane.

Have you considered that you (or perhaps a neighbour) would like occasional use of the Internet but without the normal costs? See Internet sharing.

I am keen on promoting free and open source software such as LibreOffice, Firefox, and GIMP (as well as Linux) and have made some small contributions in this area myself. I am competent in setting up and trouble shooting Linux systems. With this "alternative" operating system many older PCs can be given a new lease of life. Indeed, Linux is worth considering for new PCs also. You are accessing a Linux based web server now - in fact the majority are.

I create bespoke websites, generally using qwkzit, a system I derived from a simple open source Wiki. As an engineer by nature and background my sites are primarily functional rather than flashy. An example is our village website woodhouse-eaves.co.uk⤻. (Note that some parts of this are historic and were hand crafted in HTML directly.)

Originally in order to aid the work of a growing group of Churches I developed and assembled cheap wired systems for use by language translators (interpreters) in small and large meetings. This became impracticable because of the need to conform to an increasing regulatory burden (imposed for good reasons, I appreciate). I no longer sell such systems but do have a limited amount of kit available for hire and am happy to give advice.

PAT (Portable appliance testing) is available - but please see the Where page.

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