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Nomaz? Was he in the Bible?

Abraham means "Father of a multitude." Moses nearly drowned to get his name. David may have been the nickname of a gang leader who later became king. Jesus means Saviour or Deliverer - which he is.

Mostly today we choose names because we like them, though business names are usually chosen to impress and be memorable.

So why "Nomaz"? It somehow developed from a school nickname for my eldest son and former partner. It means nothing (in English anyway) though it sounds as if it should. When we formed our partnership in 1997 the search engines of the day found nothing for "Nomaz" except (if I recall correctly) for an individual with that name possibly in South America. You will find more now, not connected with this "Nomaz". The "Nomaz partnership" was an administrative convenience which suited us for a while, but I now use the name as a sole trader.

"I" am Richard Bowers, semi retired computer consultant. Starting out as a Civil Engineer I slid into computing as computers became available for engineering calculations, management systems, graphics and eventually boring things like word processing. I am a nuts and bolts type and enjoy most technical challenges.

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