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Internet sharing

(a sub-page of What)


Possibly you (or someone near you) only want a service for a short period.

Possibly you (or someone near you) does not want or need the fixed telephone line normally required.

Possibly you (or someone near you) needs a service quickly.

Possibly someone just needs a service for email, say, but will generate very little traffic making a service of their own unecomomic.


Generally, a wireless connection would be used - but a connection not crossing the public highway could be by wire.

In some places, such as Brighton Beach(!) a free wireless connection is available. In others (Internet cafes, some restuarants and hotels, some transport hubs) a "hot spot" service is provided - usually paid for on line by credit card.

In some areas, local clubs or businesses offer a service - sometimes in what are termed "not-spots" (places where wired broadband is out of reach or totally inadequate).

Advice (and possibly equipment and installation) can be obtained from Nomaz - contact richard at nomaz dot co dot uk

But what about ...

Legally, most broadband providers have contracts which do not allow you to share. However, some do.

Security is a concern, particularly that people you don't know well might "snoop" on your computers or your Internet traffic. There are ways to isolalate the users from each other.

Possible illegal or undesirable use may be a concern. You may get cut off it it occurs. It is best to use the free services of OpenDNS⤻ (link opens in a new window). This prevents access to certain site categories according to your preferences. You need to make clear that such restrictions - at whatever level you choose - apply. Even if you don't share, Nomaz recommends OpenDNS.